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*Important Registration Change* Please Read

Last term, EBC requested that we put class size limits on the K & under classrooms. In times past, some of our classes, for example, say the Three year old class, had gotten noticeably big in student count, for the size of the room. We as the leadership of Friday School, had noticed this happening at different times, and we were just careful to make sure that we had the right Adult/Student ratios in the classes. Yet, for fire safety & liability reasons, they requested that class counts take into account the size of the room, along with the number of adults and students that would need to evacuate in case of emergency. Their concern is valid. And last Fall we adjusted to what they requested. In order to compensate for the changes, we ended up shifting students around as best we could to accommodate them. It "worked" yet, we realized that we needed to figure out a different way to handle it.

Besides just not having enough room in the K&Under classes, this also caused us to turn away multiple families with older students. (There was room in 1-12 classes for their older kids, but not enough room in K&Under for their younger kids.)