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*You may join mid-year, but the fee will not be pro-rated.

*We meet at Inspire Church in Sedro-Woolley, Washington.

About Friday School:

*Classes are on Fridays.  

*Fall:  classes run for 10 weeks (generally end of September to beginning of December)

*Spring:  classes run for 10 weeks (generally end of February to beginning of May)

*We have classes for Nursery thru 12th grade. Nursery through Kindergarten classes meet in their own age specific classrooms.  Older classes are in four age groups 1st-3rd, 4th-6th, 7th-8th and 9th-12th grades.

*Everyone over the age of 18 must fill out a background check form.  Age 18 students included.

*Student Guests in classes are not allowed.  (Parent/Grandparent guests need to check in at the Welcome Desk.)      A good rule of thumb is that if the child is not registered for classes at Friday School, please do not bring them.  This goes for friends, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, your own unregistered child(ren) etc.  Unregistered children will not be allowed to attend classes.  

*Everyone must be registered for all three classes in order to be on campus.  We only make exceptions for Running Start students.

Any questions?  Please contact our Friday School Coordinator at

*Kindergarteners:  Kindergarteners MUST be age 5 by September 1st of Fall term.  No exceptions.  If they are not age 5 by September 1st, they will be put into PreK.  Yes, we do check all Kindergarteners to make sure that they are in age appropriate classes!


*First Graders:  First Graders MUST be age 6 by September 1st of Fall term.  No exceptions.  If they are not 6 by September 1st, they will be put into Kindergarten.  Yes, we do check all 1st graders to make sure that they are in age appropriate classes!


*Teen Connections (class & extra events outside of Friday School)

Students must be age 13 by the following dates.  For Fall term, they must be 13 by September 1st.  For Spring term, they must by age 13 by February 1st.

*Must be current members of Friday School for insurance purposes.


*We have Chapel and then three blocks of classes.  

*Chapel begins at 8:30am and classes end at Noon.


Friday School Schedule:

8:00-8:30 - check your family folder at the check in table

8:30 to 9:00 Chapel time

9:05 to 10:00 Block A Class

10:05 to 11:00 Block B Class

11:05 to 12:00 Block C Class

12:00 Cleanup

Parental Involvement:

*A parent or guardian must be on campus all 3 blocks.  

*We are NOT a drop off program!

*During the 3 blocks, it is mandatory that mom (or parent/guardian in attendance) "assists" in 2 blocks and then the third block is your "coffee corner" hour, on campus to chat with other moms.  We are a co-op, so everyone is needed to help.  (We have a snack potluck during Coffee Corner :D)

The Guardianship Policy in the Parent Handbook is as follows:

If an emergency arises, and you are not able to attend Friday School, your child(ren) may attend in your absence as long as you meet the following two requirements:

1. You must provide a guardian who is able & willing to fill in for you in your assistant spot, someone who is NOT already attending Friday School.  (See our No Drop Off Policy in our Parent Handbook).

2.  You must turn in the Guardianship Form to the Friday School Coordinator at Friday School.

Guardianship forms are meant to help as a one time occurrence for emergency purposes only, and are not meant to be week to week, for appointment or errands.  We are no longer going to be accepting handing the guardianship of your child(ren) over to another fellow Friday School mom without a suitable replacement for yourself.  Please run any specific questions about this policy by Tina Ruble.  If you cannot meet both of the above requirements, please leave your child(ren) at home that particular Friday School day.  Questions? Please contact Tina Ruble.

Catalog & Class Information:

*Class Catalogs are posted to our website homepage and to Facebook one week before Registration.  

*Classes have class fees.  Check the catalog class description for the amount of class fees.


Registration Information:

*We have a Registration & Pay day.  Check our Facebook page for the date.  We do not accept registrations by mail or by email.  Bring your checkbook or cash.  We do not take credit card payments.

*Non Refundable Classes Policy:  Some class fees are non-refundable.  If so it will be listed in the class description.  

If your student selects a non-refundable class, you will be required to pay for it on registration day.  Please keep this in mind while making student class selections.  If you change your student out of a Non-refundable class, you'll be required to pay in full for the new class.

*No class changes or refunds will be given after the second week of Friday School.

Teacher Information:

*Teachers receive a $10 discount on class fees, early registration (before open registration) and a free espresso each Friday School Week.  Consider teaching!!!

*Teachers are required to be able to sign and AGREE with our Teacher Agreement, which includes our Christian Statement of Faith.

*Teacher Applications are due approx. 6 weeks before the start of classes.

*We provide all parents with Teacher ID cards so that they can get teacher discounts (at places like Joann's & Barnes & Noble.)


*In May, we have a Display Night (think of it as a homeschool science fair with many topics) & Graduation for our homeschoolers to display some of their projects from the school year.  It is coupled with our Homeschool Graduation Night.  A time for friends and family to see what you're involved in and to see your kids projects as well!

*In December, we have a Christmas Party.

*Spring - we host an all homeschooler (14 & up) homeschool high school swing dance.

*Once a month MOMS NIGHT.

*See other events listed on our website & Facebook page.

Staying in Touch:

*We have on online email group list, through Google Groups where we can stay in touch with one another throughout the year.  This is where we share anything homeschooling and pray for one another.  Must be a current member.  You are automatically added after registration.

*We have a CLOSED Facebook group for current members only.  You are added/may request to join after registration.

*We have an email group list for teachers as well.  Must be a current teacher.

*We have a facebook teen group for parents and teens together.  It’s a place for parents and teens to keep up to date on teen activities.  Must be a current member.

**All changes in lists/group occur after registration in the Fall.



Background Check Forms:

Membership Application:

Our website:

Our FB page:

Teen group on FB (members-only group):

Our online calendar:





































Revised 8/18/2021

Friday School begins 
Sept 23th, 2022

Registration information has been sent out to current members via email and our members-only Facebook group.

Registration Day Sept 9, 2022

Inspire Church, Sedro Woolley, WA


9am Teacher Registration

11am  Current Members with 1-12 graders

then New Families with 1-12th grade 

then New Families with N-K ONLY

If you are new and would like registration information, please use the Contact Us form to get more information.

Interested in Friday School?  Here's some basic info:


*Membership Fee: $40 for the 2022/2023 school year.

*The name of our homeschool coop is: First Class Skagit County

*We are a Christian homeschool cooperative program that meets in two sessions a year           

    (fall & spring) for homeschool support, supplemental education & homeschool community.

*We refer to our co-op as Friday School, because we meet on Fridays.

*We serve Skagit, Island, Whatcom & Snohomish counties in Washington State.

*Check our FB page for Friday School dates & updates:

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