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Fall 2016 Registration *Please Read*


Just wanted to let you all know that things will be changing in regards to registration for Friday School for Fall of 2016.

Some changes are happening in our local homeschooling community. (Another local co-op has closed and the local parent partnership program is making changes to their program concerning enrichment classes.) Because of these changes, we are concerned that there may be more interest in Friday School in the Fall than what is currently considered normal.

We are going to suggest that all NON-TEACHERS register IN PERSON, ON registration day. Things will run as normal unless classes fill up. If classes happen to fill up, all paperwork for those not present will be put aside, and those families will be put onto a waitlist. We will add people from the waitlist as possible. (Our current policy is that we do not take registrations by mail.)

This will affect three groups of people: (Are you one of these??!!)

1. Those who send their registration paperwork with other coop members.

2. New & Returning families that come to coop on the first day to register.

3. Families that have only K & Under children, who prefer to come on the first day of classes, in lieu of registration day.

We will NOT guarantee getting your kids into classes if you do not come in person to registration, even if all of your children are only in K & Under classes. If you cannot come to registration, you may send Dad or Grandma or a friend to come in your place.

We have not yet worked out all of the details regarding all of this. But we would say, if you have interested friends, please pass this information along. When the details are finalized, it will be posted here and emailed through our email group.

This shouldn't affect many of you, since our policy has been an in person registration to begin with. But we would like to take the opportunity to get the word out. And, just in case we happen to need to put together a waitlist, that if/when that happens, that you all are not surprised.

In the past, we haven't had to turn away homeschooling families that have wanted to sign up after registration. Class availability is limited after registration, but we can usually work something out. Yet, we do have a structural limit. This spring, we actually hit this limit, and had to turn a few families away. (If we have class availability after registration, and no waitlist, we will still take in person registrations on the first day of Friday School.)

FALL 2016 REGISTRATION: September 9th. 9am Teachers, 11am open to everyone.

Please get this date in your calendars & schedule your vacations around it!!!

This WILL NOT affect our Admin or our Teachers. (There are so many benefits to teaching, this happens to be one of them!) We do ask Teachers to be present unless there is an emergency

If you don't register on registration day and want to know what the situation is, and if we have room for your family, please zip Zindra Nelson an email and she'll get back to you!


Your FCSC Leadership Team

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